The Estate

Fassia Estate is a property steeped in history, founded on the philosophy of respect for nature and sustainability. Located in the beautiful Umbrian countryside, just a few kilometers from the medieval cities of Gubbio and Assisi, it is immersed in a landscape of rare beauty where the green of nature and the blue of the sky blend in perfect harmony. This place is ideal for providing a wellness and relaxation experience to those who stay here, thanks to their connection with nature and the provision of primarily organic, vegetarian, and locally-sourced food.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of Fassia Estate aligns with that of the owner, Piero Senatore Musini, who has traveled extensively in the East and West in search of a deeper awareness that transcends mere materialism. Drawing from his experience with various spiritual and holistic practices, he founded the retreat center Casa Sangam in 1994 with the aim of helping people connect with a holistic and spiritual dimension. Following this, he became involved in agricultural management focused on producing healthy and genuine food cultivated within the estate itself, with the goal of minimizing environmental impact and the use of chemical products, while also offering guests wholesome products in their restaurant.

Tenuta di Fassia aims to provide its guests with a total wellness experience, which includes:

The Experience

Guests of Fassia Estate can thus enjoy the benefits of nature, the offering of wholesome and genuine food, and the personal growth activities provided by Casa Sangam, all immersed in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility ideal for leaving behind stress and anxiety. The silence, the pristine forest air, the natural sounds, and the sight of animals provide the opportunity for a unique and authentic experience, promoting mental relaxation, reducing muscle tension, and increasing energy levels.

The Activities

That’s why we’ve also chosen not to have a TV in the rooms, to promote active and healthy habits among our guests. Activities that can contribute to improving personal well-being and socialization, encouraging greater interaction among guests and increased participation in the activities offered by Fassia Estate.

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