Open by reservation to both guests of the establishment and external guests, the restaurant offers cuisine made with local and organic products.

Organic farming

Within the estate, we cultivate the fields in harmony with the environment, promoting a more than organic, synergistic, simple, and natural form of agriculture without the use of any chemical substances. We’ve rediscovered ancient varieties like Senator Cappelli wheat, Gentilrosso, and spelt, alternating them with legume crops to assist the bees, such as vetch, lupinella, and alfalfa. We primarily offer our guests a healthy, organic, vegetarian, and locally sourced cuisine.

Our organic products

Fassia Estate produces the following products: ancient soft and hard grains, which we use to make pasta, cakes, bread, and cookies; gluten-free millet, extra virgin olive oil, and seasonal garden produce.

Reservations and requests

The restaurant is open by reservation only (by phone or e-mail).

Our ideals

Anyone fortunate enough to get close to the land can only, through getting to know it, begin to LOVE it: because it, in the first place, lovingly gives itself to nourish us, astonish us, provide us with flavor, color, and scents. Even though the Earth suffers from the arrogance, the tyranny, and the oppression of humans, it always returns to give in harmony and with its eternal life force. It has always been our behavior that was wrong because for years, we have tried to impose our needs, our economic interests even on Her, who is instead free and dynamic

The history of our wheat

The name of this variety was given by the Abruzzo marquis Raffaele Cappelli, a Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, who in the last years of the 19th century, along with his brother Antonio, initiated the era of agricultural transformations in Puglia and allowed Strampelli to conduct research by providing him with experimental fields, laboratories, and resources. It was Nazareno Strampelli (the father of modern world cereal farming) who created this wheat variety in 1915 through the crossbreeding of the Rieti variety and a Tunisian variety.

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