Led by Michael Molin-Skelton, Kate-Marie Mutsaers, Winky Wheeler and Camilla Steen Larsen.

The Soul Motion: Mastery to Mystery Teacher Training, is best experienced as a journey into the heart of the person who dreams of becoming a teaching of this work.

It begins with a deep dive into specific ways to meet the rise and fall of each moment with grounded embodiment and presence. We hold a clear focus on exploring, developing and nurturing an intimate relationship with your inner life. Being deeply connected and self resourced is the essential path of your unique teaching of Soul Motion. You will be guided and supported in this investigation with individual mentoring, provided by gifted Soul Motion Teachers, and online experiences led by the groups’ mentors.

At the midway point we turn our attention to the rich array of practical skills that strengthen your ability to step into the circle of teaching and leadership. The nature of class structure, seeing and sensing the room, musical magic and the power of poetry and storytelling are studied. In this portion you will be personally mentored by the leaders of this training, and you will find yourself teaching in supported small groups.

Enriching, deep, practical, and individually supportive, this program is specifically crafted to meet and accompany you on the journey of becoming a Soul Motion Teaching. Whether it is a whisper, a compelling curiosity or an irresistible pull, we invite you to take this invitation in and step into the living process of becoming a Soul Motion Teaching. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

​Consisting of three, rich, in-person immersions, and enhanced by the support of online experiences, this unique format brings together the best of both worlds – The beauty of being together in the same space, and the intimate consistency that online connections provide.

Info: https://www.inbodymovement.com.au/teacher-training-2023–24.html