Continuing your previous energy activations with Jayahnia, this retreat from June 18th to 25th will further support you in your self-development and reconnection with your Light. This will not only be achieved through shared meditations and spiritual practices but also through the collective fulfillment of a specific mission for the New Earth that we can only accomplish together in unity.

The mission involves anchoring a pillar of light here in Italy, bringing the unifying light from higher dimensions to the Earth, assisting us all in transcending polarity and duality to rediscover harmony and peace. Along the way, we will explore how to co-create with the spiritual realm, both in significant and subtle ways, as human beings.

Each day, we will connect with our personal pillars of light, our circle, the spiritual realm and the amazing land and its energy that La Tenuta di Fassia offers us. We will engage in light yoga, enjoy nature walks, swimming, nourishing delicious meals, and moments of silence. Similar to the online Light Goddess retreats, different aspects of the retreat will resonate with different individuals. That’s why everything remains voluntary, allowing each person to experience their optimal retreat.

Join us in this transformative journey as we collectively contribute to the greater good and nurture our souls in a place as close to Paradise as it gets!